Sondre Lerche

"Sentimentalist" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 14, 2014

Norwegian pop darling Sondre Lerche returned with his latest LP Please earlier this fall, and now the Scandinavian songsmith has matched album cut "Sentimentalist" with a new video.

The recent record hears him wrestle with an array of post-divorce emotions and "Sentimentalist" perfectly encapsulates those conflicted feelings. The clip was directed by Evan Sevitt and features a disheveled-looking Lerche staggering through the great outdoors.

Despite his obvious anguish, one can't help but acknowledge the beauty of his surroundings — even when they begin to swirl out of focus.

Please is out now via Lerche's own Mona Records. Watch the new video for "Sentamentalist" below.

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