Sole Salt on Everything

Salt on Everything is Sole's three-song single unleashed on the masses in preparation for his newest full-length, Selling Live Water. "The Priziest Horse," produced by Alias, is the Sole everyone expects, with a near-melancholy beat and a rapid-fire lyrical delivery. On the other hand, "Salt on Everything" is built around a darkly sinister and industrialised Odd Nosdam beat that crushes the competition, while Sole complains at a slightly slower pace, allowing easier access to his thoughts. "Salt on Everything" and "The Priziest Horse" are both set to appear on Selling Live Water, an album that will hopefully sound more like the former song and less like the latter. Although the single's title track is the highlight, the bonus is the vinyl-only exclusive "My Head Hurts," featuring Sage Francis. Jel's beat goes through a number of changes as it progresses, but nearly always keeps the hard drum slaps he's known for, and some slick guitar. Plus, Sage and Sole sound good together, with their mixed bag of sarcasm and humour. "My Head Hurts" is really the reason for buying the single, but to make the deal even sweater there's a decent Jel instrumental exclusive ("Respect Pt.3") included with the instrumentals for the two album tracks. Salt on Everything is a good twelve-inch that should build interest in Sole's upcoming Selling Live Water. (Anticon)