Sole & DJ Pain 1 "Hostage Crisis" (ft. Propagandhi's Chris Hannah)

Sole & DJ Pain 1 'Hostage Crisis' (ft. Propagandhi's Chris Hannah)
Billed to be a "as much a punk album as it is a hip-hop record," Sole and DJ Pain 1's Nihilismo was born in response to what the collaborative duo call "a world that is subversively corrupt and manufactured for greed." With the record set to arrive tomorrow (April 22), Exclaim! has your first listen to Sole taking aim at the ills of the world with "Hostage Crisis."

Lyrically looking at war, the economy and their effects on the populous, the highly political track also features Propagandhi vocalist/guitarist Chris Hannah. Providing the song's hook, it marks Hannah's first-ever appearance on a rap song.

"This is an album about revolution, and what that word really means in this nightmare of a world we find ourselves in, but also through these inspiring waves of revolt we keep seeing all over the world. This album asks the question of what it means to live and fight in these times," Sole and Pain 1 said in a joint statement. "This album is inspired by intense touring and conversations with journalists, activists and working people all over the world. It's inspired by a lot of research, and it's inspired by directly participating in resistance movements against the police, the state and capitalism."

Nihilismo will arrive on April 22 through Sole's own Black Box Tapes imprint, with vinyl and digital copies available here. Take a listen to "Hostage Crisis" in the player below.