Sold On eBay: Robert Johnson's Soul!

Sold On eBay: Robert Johnson's Soul!
Bad news guys: the Devil has fallen on hard times. Yes, like the rest of us, not even the almighty Beelzebub is immune from the global credit crunch, forcing the dark lord to hawk some of his precious belongings on eBay. First up for sale: Robert Johnson’s soul.

Since Halloween, the legendary bluesman’s alleged soul has been up for sale on the online auction site and was just recently sold for a mere $60.

Here’s some of the item description: "Up for auction is this classic: Robert Johnson's Soul! Complete with a certificate of authentication. I'd like to keep it but, well, even the devil has fallen on hard times. So I'm selling — and look at the low reserve! I barely used it — only pulled it out when I needed to entertain at parties.”

According to legend, Satan acquired the bluesman’s soul "at the crossroads” sometime back in the ’30s, when Johnson traded his eternal spirit for everlasting fame. Like all deals made with the Devil, this one turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag, with Johnson dying a few years later, but in death getting that fame he was longing for years later.

If you doubt the legitimacy of what the Devil has up for sale (which you should), that certificate of authenticity appears to be signed by both Johnson and Lucifer, and it does appear to be mighty old.

To have a closer look at this one-of-a-kind time, you can view it here.

Up next for sale: Brian Jones’s liver.