Sloan Reveal Details for 'Twice Removed' Vinyl Box Set

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 25, 2012

On top of unveiling a fall tour schedule, Sloan recently announced that they would be delivering a triple-LP reissue of their beloved sophomore set Twice Removed. Details about the box set were pretty scarce at the time, but bassist/vocalist Chris Murphy and guitarist/vocalist Jay Ferguson have now revealed what we can expect via an album trailer.

The tracklisting wasn't given in full, but the make-up of the reissue has the original LP on the first disc, a track-for-track demo version of the album on the second slab of wax, and a third LP of demos and rarities that "didn't make the cut" for Twice Removed. Ferguson added that a seven-inch single will also be included and will feature "a couple more songs that didn't really fit anywhere else in the package."

Other goodies set to be included are reproductions of the fan letter to Kurt Cobain that inspired album opener "Pen Pals," a 12x12, 32-page booklet featuring some writing from the band about the time period, artwork and photographs. Ferguson notes that many of the shots were taken by Catherine Stockhausen during the making of the record.

On top of all that, selected copies of the collection will include a reproduction of Sloan and Thrush Hermit's summer 1994 tour poster.

UPDATE: Those posters will actually be originals, not reproductions.

The trailer, which you can see below, also features a number of soundbites taken from the book, as read by the troupe.

Pre-orders will soon be taken over at Sloan's website. As an added bonus, three more demos that didn't make it onto the box set and a band-related postcard will be yours if you order ASAP. An official street has yet been delivered, though it should presumably line up with those Canadian tour dates.

As for now, the band are giving away the "I Can Feel It (1993 - Pier 21 demo)" if you sign up to their mailing list.

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