Slick Rick's "Children's Story" Lyrics Cause Controversy in Sixth Grade Class

Slick Rick's "Children's Story" Lyrics Cause Controversy in Sixth Grade Class
Despite its kid-friendly title, Slick Rick's hip-hop classic "Children's Story" isn't a song that's terribly appropriate for listeners of a young age. However, a substitute teacher in Suffolk, VA, begged to differ in having a sixth grade class recite some of the song's lyrics.

13News Now reports that parent Ashley Ehrhardt was outraged at her son being asked to read lyrical passages from the song such as, "Grabbed a pregnant lady and pulled out the automatic / Pointed at her head and he said the gun was full o' lead." Ehrhardt told the station she was particularly stressed being pregnant herself.

Suffolk Public Schools Public Information Officer Bethanne Bradshaw confirmed the lyrical content was not appropriate for the classroom, and issued the following statement:

A parent contacted the JFKMS principal on Friday (Dec. 16) concerned about the passage some sixth-grade teacher had used earlier in the week. The principal met with those teachers to discuss how it was inappropriate, and they agreed it should not have been used during the lesson. School administrators will more closely monitor their lesson plans, supplemental materials, and assignments. SPS encourages teachers to be creative, but they are also expected to exercise a high degree of professional judgment in their selection and use of supplemental materials, to ensure that the use of such materials serve to both support and complement the lesson. The principal will be sending a letter home to parents as well.

You can learn more about the incident here.

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