Sky Ferreira's New Album Is "Actually Coming Out" in 2022

The artist has confirmed that next year is the one

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 20, 2021

The heavily anticipated, long-awaited follow-up to Sky Ferreira's 2013 debut LP Night Time, My Time might really be on the horizon this time: the singer-songwriter is claiming that the new album is "actually coming out" in 2022.

Over the weekend, Ferreira fed her fans the hallowed words they've longed for in an Instagram Story update on the status of her new music. She shared a screenshot of Stereogum's list of the publication's most anticipated albums of 2022, where she landed at the No. 4 spot between Arcade Fire at No. 5 and My Bloody Valentine at No. 3.

"Top 5 most anticipated albums of 2022 ... (It happens every year but it's actually coming out this time)," Ferreira wrote, adding a couple of emojis to further express her feelings about the forthcoming release. (Crying and head exploding, naturally.)

In 2019, the singer-songwriter released "Downhill Lullaby" — her first new single since Night Time, My Time — and linked up with Charli XCX for "Cross You Out." A comeback seemed imminent, but Ferreira has remained rather quiet since. While talk is cheap, (everything is embarrassing, etc.,) we hope she follows through on this one.

Maybe this year we'll actually be able to check "Sky Ferreira releases a new album" off our list of New Year's resolutions; 2022 time, her time.

See a screenshot of Ferreira's story post below, via PopCrave's Twitter.

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