Sinisters Live

Toronto's the Sinisters have been shocking and rocking it out for well over ten years now and the proof of their pedigree and vintage is now here in the form of Live. The CD features the band in their sax-honking era, recorded live at historic rock haunt the El Mocambo during one of its most happening eras in 1998. There is also a bonus second nine-song unlisted set of mysterious origin tacked on at the end of the album for good measure. The sound is hot and a bit raunchy at times, but the high energy of their crushing revved-up ‘70s Stooges punk could cut through any mix job, good or bad. The overall pace is blazing, in an amphetamine and Jack Daniels way, and songs like "Blast" and "Bug Brain" are prime examples of the ripping don't-give-a-shit punk rock these guys have been dealing out since you were sucking your mother’s dick. There are lots of cool covers here too, with Teenage Head's "Top Down,” Black Flag's "Police Story" and "Thirsty and Miserable" and the Dead Boys' "Ain't Nothin' To Do" showing where these cats’ heads are at influence-wise. Great guitar playing courtesy of Scarlet really shines here while drummer Brian shows himself to be the solid anchor of the band. Love them or hate them, these guys have survived through every lame trend of the last decade and come out on the other side looking pretty damn good. Not that they give a shit what you think. (October 32nd)