Sightlines The Palomino, Calgary AB, June 27

Sightlines The Palomino, Calgary AB, June 27
Photo: Ryan Kostel
Eric Axen writes perfect summer anthems. An obsession with Jawbreaker and Vancouver bands like Paper Lanterns inspired him to move on from the post-punk of his Hermetic duo and start jamming out the summer-friendly pop punk with Sightlines.
With his songwriting, guitar playing and iconic voice (truly perfect for the style of music he's going for), Axen's other moving parts have a lot to live up to; fortunately, he's got one hell of a rhythm section backing him up. While Sightlines have always been a tight unit, the current bassist and drummer are relentless with their attack, beating their instruments senseless.
The result is music that's at once wussy and muscular, with Axen's hooky melodies and perfect guitar runs colliding with a mess of cymbals and bass fuzz. There truly couldn't have been a better band to kick off another sunny day of Sledding.