Shura "2Shy" (Warpaint STEEZ remix)

Shura '2Shy' (Warpaint STEEZ remix)
Warpaint recently revealed a pair of new tracks for the faithful, but their latest sonic offering is a remix of rising UK artist Shura's"2Shy." They're not bashful about it, and have let the amplified interpretation go out as a free download.

While Shura's original single is swept up in ultra airy '80s pop textures, Warpaint cover up much of the serene synth work and spacious pacing with a full on percussive assault. It sounds like an underground grid of pipes are being banged upon throughout the track, with an industrial four-on-the-floor, an electronic meltdown, and a climbing, off-the-beat guitar line also adding intensity to the tune.

You'll find Warpaint's masterful, multi-rhythmic remix down below.