Short Bursts of Torche

Short Bursts of <b>Torche</b>
There's an axiom about the plans of mice and men going awry and it fits groove/stoner/sludge metallers Torche like a glove. In the two years since acclaimed effort Meanderthal, the trio have issued two EPs and a split with genre buddies Boris. The world ― including Torche ― is anticipating a full album. The band's latest? Another EP.

As bassist Jonathan Nuñez explains, the eight tracks dubbed Songs For Singles by himself, guitarist/vocalist Steve Brooks and drummer Rick Smith were intended for a full-length. "This music came very easily," he asserts. "Songs were finished in six practices. We recorded that quickly but vocals were never worked on, we were concentrating so hard on the songs. Once we started recording, we realized how far behind vocals were. It became stressful. We were overdoing it, getting too far into them. Any stress came down to vocals on these songs so we thought, 'We're happy with these. Let's just release them and move on.'"

Songs For Singles blossoms beyond the monolithic drone of their past in favour of a far catchier essence ― an ethereal musical atmosphere propelled by airy, almost psychedelic vocal patterns. Not bad for being stalled by a complete lack of the latter. "It feels right; sounds good to our ears. With nothing done, we laid out the problems for ourselves so we only felt comfortable with releasing these songs but they're still great," Nuñez beams, adding that with another EP out that means, "We'll get around to a full-length...when we do."