BY Mark TremblayPublished Jul 9, 2019

Having a legacy is a fickle thing. On the one hand, wanting to expand and explore new sonic territory is essential, and yet it is also important to refine a sound that you helped build a foundation for. On Admission, Torche have put it upon themselves to create the ideal one-album experience that encapsulates the band's entire discography. On Admission, Torche are being Torche to the fullest extent.
Admission has stripped much of the extra rock'n'roll vibes that have become customary on their previous records. "From Here," "Submission" and "Slide" bring out all of the classic doom-pop sounds that are so familiar to the band's sound. Having all of the melodic accents at the right time has always made Torche sound so catchy and rewarding.
The album highlights are when in they leans into the ballads. "Times Missing," "Admission" and "What Was" are how this album will be remembered. Their massive choruses and vocal hooks are staples that have become synonymous with the band.
Torche are one of the most important and unique heavy bands of the last decade, and Admission serves as another solid entry in their catalogue. For a full picture of the band, Admission is the record.

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