The Sheepdogs Juan De Fuca Recreation Centre, Victoria BC, July 13

The Sheepdogs Juan De Fuca Recreation Centre, Victoria BC, July 13
Photo: Megan Cole
When Saskatoon, SK's the Sheepdogs won Rolling Stone's "Choose the Cover" competition, there was doubt of whether these long haired '70s-inspired rockers could rise to mainstream stardom, but with their performance at Saturday's Rock the Shores, they proved why they deserved the cover of Rolling Stone and award wins.

The Sheepdogs took the stage in the early evening following a performance by Canadian classic rockers 54-40, and as they launched into songs that have clearly become fan favourites, a loud and beer-fuelled crowd had flooded the front of the stage. Ewan Currie (vocals and guitar), Leot Hanson (guitar), Ryan Gullen (bass) and Sam Corbett (drums/percussion) performed songs from Learn and Burn, including the hit single "Who?" and "Southern Dreaming." The set also included songs from their 2012 self-titled album, which perhaps due to the Black Keys' Patrick Carney's role with the record, had a blues-rock sound similar to the Black Keys.

Despite the obvious maturity the Sheepdogs have gained since they won the 2011 Rolling Stone cover, the obvious '70s boogie-rock references, which include long flowing hair, head bands and a Rolling Stones T-shirt, become a little boring by the end of the set, and I was left wondering if maybe it's time for them to step into the future.