Shania Twain Admits to Having Never Met Brad Pitt or a Rocket Scientist on 'Chicken Shop Date'

"I think he's avoiding me, honestly"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Mar 10, 2023

Sure, Hot Ones is great, but where is the romance? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine why Shania Twain, auteur of some pretty timeless love songs, would instead opt to go on Chicken Shop Date — where she revealed that she's actually never met the famously unimpressive Brad Pitt. "I think he's avoiding me, honestly," she admitted.

The elephant in the room of all of these chicken-related celebrity interviews is, of course, vegetarians like Twain. At least she was able to eat the fries — but only because it wasn't a show day. She told host (and holder of undeniable sexual chemistry with Andrew Garfield) Amelia Dimoldenberg that, when she's on tour, the singer-songwriter only consumes liquids ahead of performing, so she doesn't burp onstage.

That was just the tip of the iceberg: Twain unveiled a treasure trove of hidden talents, including making up words (e.g., "chicken"), juggling, speaking French, communicating with animals, guarding Harry Styles's phone number with her life and driving. "No, I don't drive my own tour bus, no," she said. "I could drive my — I can drive a lot of things." Is there anything she can't do?

Watch the interview below to find out if Twain still scores a second date after Dimoldenberg confesses that she doesn't know how she feels about vegetarians.


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