Shai Hulud A Profound Hatred of Man: Shrapnel Inc. / Hearts O

Arguably one of the greatest hardcore bands to have ever existed, Shai Hulud were a later, yet integral player forging the newest generation of hardcore with their trademark sound, energy and above all, sincerity. When they released their first CD EP in 1997, hardcore was still relatively underground, making their music the territory of indie labels, zines and mail order catalogues. With all things "core” now making their presence known in the mainstream, these re-releases couldn’t have come at a better time; perhaps now the world is ready to give them the attention and credit they deserve. Hearts Once Nourished is been remixed and "re-Zeussed” while A Profound Hatred of Man is the re-release of the first EP of the same title and collection of songs from various albums and compilations. Random gems include their covers of Bad Brains’ "Fearless Vampire Killers,” Bad Religion’s "Anesthesia” and Metallica’s "Damage Inc.” There’s new artwork and the liner notes are typically reflective in nature, comprised of brief but endearing introspection from band members as well as pictures from various points throughout their career. Lest we forget their legacy, Revelation has made sure the new kids won’t be left without a classic and a proper consolidation. (Revelation)