Sevendust Animosity

Atlanta's Sevendust paired up with producer Ben Grosse (Filter, Fuel, Ben Folds) for their third offering, Animosity. This disc doesn't veer that far from their last, Home, but it definitely displays a growth and maturity in the band. The group sounds tight and presents material that highlights some of the best features of this band: articulate drum work, gripping vocals and poignant lyrics. Tracks like the first single, "Praise," just beg to become rock'n'roll anthems for 2001. Staind's Aaron Lewis provides backing vocal on "Follow," and a new version of "Angel's Son," a song dedicated to the late vocalist Lynn Strait, appears on Animosity, with Sevendust backing Lajon Witherspoon (the original version had the singer with members of Strait's former band, Snot). You have to respect Sevendust for knowing their strengths and catering to its fans and Animosity does not disappoint. (TVT)