Serpent Obscene Serpent Obscene

This Swedish band does a fine job of conjuring up the days of yore in my metal-addled mind. Their music is written and recorded with a relatively modern edge without ripping off the triumvirate of German metal: Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, although I'm sure these guys own all the essential Kraut thrash there is. When I listen to their take on the glory days of Sepultura and Exodus, images of big ass circle pits come to mind, as do the days of shows being exclusively populated by bellowing rivet-heads fuelled by testosterone and the demon sauce. Head-banging, slam dancing, broken beer steins, sweaty thrashers soaking you with their sweaty long hair, bodily fluids, violence, force. Yeah, it's probably best you listen to this at home. They're really good, even if the bass player is named Rob Rocker, at old school thrash, should you be so inclined. (Necropolis)