Seizure Crypt You've Been Had

Seizure Crypt's website boasts a hit counter that, at the time of this review, boasted 176 hits since April 1, 2012. This simple widget speaks volumes about the band: their low hit count exhibits the DIY spirit with which the group move forward. The fact that they even have a hit counter is a direct sign of their old age, and by extension, sound; it's old crossover thrash that draws equally from punk and metal, often in the same song. Unfortunately, the music sounds dated on You've Been Had and, call me jaded, but the band's make-metal-funny shtick is more annoying than amusing. Imagine your dad and his best friends attempting to play aggressive music and you have a pretty good idea what You've Been Had sounds like. If that's appealing to you, then by all means, spin on; otherwise, you'd be better served looking for groups that take themselves a bit more seriously. (Independent)