Seizure Crypt Seizure Crypt

Blasting out double vocal attack speedcore that could very well have been scooped up from the editing table of a Discharge session, Seizure Crypt have a strong start with their debut full-length. Moderately amateurish thanks to limited production values that still can’t hide the band’s questionable abilities, the majority of this album feels almost dirty; as if you shouldn’t be hearing it just yet. But that’s its greatest appeal, accentuated by an inspired attack and venomous delivery. Together, these make up for any other shortcomings, especially when one counts in an incredibly M.O.D.-ish sense of humour as evidenced on pedestrian-killing epic "Death Rider” with its laughable lyrics and plunk-y banjo… yes, banjo that actually works in the medium of speedcore. It’s as brilliant as it is insane. (Independent)