Seizure Crypt Under The Gun

People keep complaining about the chemicals major North American cities pump into their water. Sure, it's a problem for most but occasionally it results in C.H.U.D.-like demons that create some of the greatest crossover hardcore. New York's Seizure Crypt happen to be a collection of those fine beasts, evidenced on latest effort Under The Gun. Snotty and abrasive, it takes the "fuck you all" attitude of No Redeeming Social Value and injects it into the rumbling fury of Disrupt. Still, the band manage to infuse a sarcastic tone into virtually every track. From "When They Die They Throw Your Stuff Out" to the weirdness of "Crazy Cat Lady" and the blatant hilarity of "Fuck Work," the band's blend of rage and tongue-in-cheek humour is refreshingly blatant. Unfortunately they do tend to spend a touch too much time slipping into odd breakdowns that accentuate the goofiness instead of simply hammering home their point. But due to their keen sense of double-time verses and modest old school New York hardcore tendencies, this can be overlooked. (Independent)