Seizure Crypt

Hello My Name Is Madness

BY Keith CarmanPublished May 23, 2007

Chaos and cacophony have always reigned supreme on efforts from this New York crossover outfit. With Hello My Name Is Madness though, fiends Seizure Crypt truly reach the point of oddity. Featuring eight songs that range from Cryptic Slaughter-inspired blasts of tinny aggression to mid-tempo diatribes wandering into almost hardcore territory, the album is certainly fiery. However, the overall sentiment is that confusion has taken over. In an effort to broaden their horizons, the band have elongated songs, slowed down and infused the occasional dynamic, "artsy” bridge. This is entirely admirable and works at some points but it also tends to hamper. Hello My Name Is Madness is still an album to be proud of, though long-time fans may be somewhat taken aback. Were the band to relax and allow each song to grow on its own, they would be powerful and dominant. As it stands, they’ve over-thought it and the confusion cuts through like a rusty razorblade.

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