Sebastien Tellier "Cochon Ville" (live on 'Grand Journal')

Sebastien Tellier 'Cochon Ville' (live on 'Grand Journal')
Compared to Sebastien Tellier's NSFW, nudity-driven video for My God is Blue track "Cochon Ville," his recent performance on French television program Grand Journal may seem a little tame. That said, there's still a lot of skin to be seen in the clip.

Decked out in a glitzy robe and backed by some sort of Grand Wizard on drums, Tellier whams on his Flying V throughout the sexed-up disco number as a collection of pretty young things begin shedding clothes on the dancefloor. Watch how Tellier's eyes bug out as men and women strip to their skivvies, alternately pawing at each other and doing the splits.

We can't speak for the solo artist, but one almost-undressed dude in the middle of a bump'n'grind is definitely packing a boner beneath his banana hammock. But can you blame him?

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