Scissorfight Victory Over Horseshit

New Hampshire’s woolly warmongers return with a five-song EP to introduce their forthcoming long player, the suitably named Juggernaut. The title track kicks off the platter with Scissorfight’s classic, no-holds-barred heavy rock, followed by "86 Sucker,” possibly the poppiest song of their career. Its chord progressions and John Popper-like harmonica are more reminiscent of Speedealer’s hard rock and various Small Stone bands — or even a heavier Jet. The previously unreleased "Sun Hunt” sports intro drum fills like that of Judas Priest’s "Riding on the Wind,” and its overall accessibility is fortified by the harmonies of the back-up vocalists, including Roadsaw’s Craig Riggs. "Rules Are Different for Dead Men” (compiled from the Champions of Sound Tour limited seven-inch) sounds like the un-thrashy We’ve Come for You All-era Anthrax, replete with Ironlung’s signature bellows. "Transcontinental,” another unreleased track, spotlights Jarvis’ buoyant bass lines but lacks Ironlung’s vocal bite. Is their newfound pop sound an indication that Scissorfight are going more commercial and outgrowing their comfort zone on Hydra Head’s sister label Tortuga? Only Juggernaut will fully answer that question later this year. (Tortuga)