Scissorfight Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare

Continuing their ruckus-filled reign over biker rallies and other displays of all-around male burliness, Scissorfight squeeze out a five-song EP of blue-collar riff rock. "Hex" finds our New Hampshire heroes stretching the limits of their own rock constructs with a faster, punkier attack, playing their instruments like stevedores on LSD (to which the EP's title is a reference). "Riverhorse" and "Maritime Disasters" slow down the pace, settling into more deliberate Clutch-popping grooves with guitarist Geezum H. Crow leading the band into the Strat-osphere with near-psychedelic chord progressions. The scream-y "Running The Risk Of Raining Buffalo" even sees Crow building King Crimson-like bridges over the mosh pit mayhem. "Harvester" hearkens back to last year's Mantrapping For Sport And Profit, with its traditional gang choruses and punctuated melodies. Vocalist Ironlung gets a lesson in basic German in the hidden track as he attempts to translate the lyrics of "New Hampshire's Alright If You Like Fighting" into Deutsch, which goes to show how far these White Mountain wildmen will go to spread their redneck rawk worldwide. (Tortuga)