Scissorfight Deathchants, Breakdowns And Military Waltzes Vol. 2

This "new” EP from these New Hampshire ape-men isn’t exactly so: its six tracks are culled from last year’s import-only American Cloven Hoof Blues release and are (mostly) the only truly new cuts from the period between 2000’s New Hampshire and 2001’s Mantrapping For Sport And Profit. "Proving Ground” sports the band’s inimitable gut-wrenching throb alongside vocalist Ironlung’s throaty tenor, almost spoken word in delivery. The sludgy punk of "Cadaver Recovery Man” focuses on its unshakably catchy chorus, and "Mud & Guts” features a brief grind breakout of double-timing drums and Jarvis’s foot-thick bass lines. "Riot On The Village Green” allows guitarist Geezum H. Crow to stretch out a bit with a fluid solo, then he really cranks up a Southern rock vignette on "Up In The Country,” which sounds more like a messier Clutch than ever. Ultimately, there’s nothing new for fans who already own American Cloven Hoof Blues, though Deathchants does have new Pushead-inspired artwork by Hydra Head’s Aaron Turner and will tide you over until Scissorfight release new material soon. (Tortuga)