Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

The Garrison, Toronto ON, April 21

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Ian GormelyPublished Apr 22, 2017

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs are a bunch of dudes hung up on punk and rock'n'roll. Boasting matching denim vests with custom band logos as back patches, they present as a tough-as-nails gang. In practice, however, they're a catchy Nuggets-inspired power-pop act anchored by three guitars.
The six-piece are built around traded guitar lines, and big gang-vocal choruses. But it's the cumulative effort of the six bodies thrashing around on stage that make their live show, with Coffey, a massive figure, towering over the crowd and his bandmates. They never met a rock trope they didn't love, from wailing solos to double neck guitars — at one point two people were soloing on said guitar at the same time. Unnecessary, but certainly a sight to see.
Though they can come of as a bit shticky, it's much easier to surrender yourself to the situation. After all, they shouldn't have all the fun.

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