RZA Speaks on the Meaning Behind 'A Better Tomorrow'

RZA Speaks on the Meaning Behind 'A Better Tomorrow'
The Wu-Tang Clan have been keeping pretty quiet on any hard details regarding the group's upcoming LP, A Better Tomorrow, but according to RZA, the hip-hop outfit's long-awaited sixth studio album is meant to honour the crew's 20 year legacy.

"36 Chambers was the first album that ever came out that we shared ourselves with the world and we got accepted," said the Wu-Tang Clan bandleader during an impromptu media scrum after their performance at Quebec's Festival D'été earlier this month. "To me, an album is the greatest way… to celebrate this shit."

And although RZA and other members of the Wu-Tang Clan wouldn't comment on a solid release date or whether or not A Better Tomorrow is in fact the group's final LP, he did shine some light on the meaning behind the title of the new album.

"If you're doing great today, how about doing greater tomorrow? If you're doing bad today, you definitely be better doing better tomorrow," RZA said. "So A Better Tomorrow is more like a universal term."

Keep checking back for more information on the hip-hop outfit's new album as it comes available.