Ryan Reynolds Gets Nickelback to Cover "Unredeemable" Song from His Holiday Movie

"Just seemed like the right thing to do"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 27, 2022

It's a CanCon crossover Christmas! Model citizen Ryan Reynolds has recruited none other than Nickelback to perform their own rendition of a song that is, quite simply, "Unredeemable."

If you didn't know, the actor's latest project — Apple TV+ holiday film Spirited — made its debut last month. Loosely based on Charles Dickens's classic A Christmas Carol, the musical comedy tells the story from the perspective of the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, and sees Reynolds star alongside Will Ferrell and Octavia Butler (spoiler alert: rumour has it that, in the film, the former's character sees someone dressed as Buddy the Elf and proceeds to tell him that he looks like shit).

Apparently the thing has become a big hit, with Reynolds introducing Chad Kroeger and co.'s rendition of one of the movie's songs by thanking the people for making Spirited the all-time most-watched film on Apple TV+. "That's crazy," a bespectacled Reynolds said.

"A turning point in our film is the song 'Unredeemable,'" he explained. "It's an emotional anthem about whether humanity can overcome our mistakes, and I hope we can. So, merry Christmas, everyone, and let's be kind to each other. Also, ladies and gentlemen: Nickelback."

Reynolds added some further explanation on Twitter, writing: "We asked Nickelback to sing Unredeemable. Just seemed like the right thing to do."

In what they're calling "Unredeemable (Redeemable Version)," seemingly in reference to the band's redemption arc, Nickelback cover the hopeful anthem in front of a display of hanging lights and framed photographs (obviously), footage of their performance spliced with scenes from the movie. The whole thing very much recalls the ethos of "Hero," the song Kroeger contributed to the Spider-Man soundtrack with Josey Scott in 2002.

Look at this festive photograph below.

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