Rush Treat "The Spirit of Radio" to New Animated Video

It comes alongside their new 'Permanent Waves' reissue
Rush Treat 'The Spirit of Radio' to New Animated Video
Rush recently treated their 1980 album Permanent Waves to an expanded anniversary reissue, and the band have now given LP opener "The Spirit of Radio" a new animated music video.

The clip is both a tribute to the history of FM radio and how it played into band eventually finding commercial success. The clip also includes the neon signage of fabled Quebec institution Le Studio and a dedication to late drummer and primary lyricist Neil Peart, who passed away earlier this year.

"'The Spirit of Radio' could be called 'The Spirit of Music,'" Peart would say of the song in 1980. "That particular song was written about a radio station that is a paragon; it's called CFNY-FM and it's in Toronto. And they are still what FM radio was 15 years ago. So I listen to it constantly when I'm home, and it represents something, maybe the precious last stronghold of something."

Peart recently had a pavilion located in his hometown of St. Catharines, ON, named in his honour. A tribute concert that was set to take place in the city earlier this year has since been postponed.