Rue Rue

Assembled from members of sludge-o-philiacs Sofa King Killer and Fistula, Ohio’s Rue are the newest addition to the doom metal race. Fronted by ex-Hate Theory screamer Jeff Fahl, this fastidious foursome quickly assumed a national touring slot with the like-minded Bongzilla, Weedeater, Goatwhore and Carrion — and their self-titled debut readily shows these influences. The opener "The Escapist” is basic Iron Monkey worship, while "Flathead” flaunts the Eyehategod aesthetic. "Complacence” and "Quash” really get interesting as Fahl interchanges his death-y gurgle with his surprisingly clean warble, resulting in Acid Bath’s Dax Riggs wrestling with Gorgoroth. "Born With Frostbite” and "The Locust” pit the punkier doom of Negative Reaction against EHG in their Southern rock mode, and "Shut Your Mouth” recalls the fluid Las Cruces with a dash of the heavier side of Spirit Caravan. "Stonersaurus” swings like Sabbath with Fahl’s dual vocal delivery, and "70 mg” closes the album with a ballad that sounds like Agents Of Oblivion covering Megadeth’s "Dawn Patrol.” Rue has much potential for a debut album and hopefully the band will digress from the Rwake-like repetition on their next release and emerge triumphantly knee-deep in the muck. (Shifty)