Rotten Enemy Of The State

It's amazing when an already impressive band step up their attack another notch. Such is the case with Kitchener, ON-based the Rotten on latest effort Enemy Of The State. While the quartet have always unleashed a caustic, old school approach that few bands equal, on these 13 tracks they have truly amplified and refined everything without losing the spirit that has driven their aggressive punk for a decade. Enemy Of The State is crisply recorded and perfectly performed without detracting from the guttural, abrasive spirit and energy the Rotten continue to unleash. Essentially, this collection of incensed yet catchy tunes is a spirited, powerful blast of rage and aggression yet the actual delivery is the perfect balance of live enthusiasm and studio perfection. The result is a cumulative effect of decades-long listens to D.O.A., Zeke, Ramones, Rancid and Exploited — thick with rage yet mature enough to let it unfold patiently. (Rebel Time)