Rostam Unveils 'Changephobia' Album, Shares "4Runner"

Rostam Unveils 'Changephobia' Album, Shares '4Runner'
Following a string of recent tracks, former Vampire Weekend guy Rostam has announced a new album. It's being called Changephobia, which is due out via Matsor Projects/Secretly Distribution on June 4.

Changephobia was written by Rostam during the last three years, and it includes previous singles "These Kids We Knew" and "Unfold You." Today the newly shared "4Runner" is our latest glimpse of the upcoming album, and you can check out the track below via a visualizer

Of Changephobia and the meaning of that title, Rostam has shared the following statement:

A few years ago I met a stranger on a park bench, somehow I found myself opening up to him; revealing recent changes in my life that had altered its course, and he said, "Change is good. Go with it." I realized that I had never heard that sentiment expressed before.

Transphobia, biphobia, homophobia — these words hold a weight of threat, and it occurred to me that the threats they bare — the fears they describe — are rooted in a fear of change: a fear of the unknown, of a future that is not yet familiar, one in which there is a change of traditions, definitions, and distributions of power. 

So gender, too, was on my mind while creating this album, as I came to find myself writing about love and connection but not wanting to place relationships in a gendered context.

This collection of songs is not celebrating a fear of change. Rather, it's the opposite. It's about who we are capable of becoming if we recognize these fears in ourselves and rise above them."

Check out "4Runner" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist.

Rostam's last proper album was 2017's Half-Light.


1. These Kids We Knew
2. From the Back of a Cab
3. Unfold You
4. 4Runner
5. Changephobia
6. Kinney
7. Bio18
8. [interlude]
9. To Communicate
10. Next Thing
11. Starlight

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