The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones: Truth And Lies

Until Jagger and company release their own authorised history on DVD, we’ll continue to see releases like this about the Stones: public-domain news clips punctuated by interviews of respected rock critics such as Chris Welch, strung together by a generic narrator without a single note of Stones’ music. This DVD’s 87 minutes tell the story of the Stones chronologically almost right up to the present but never dwells long enough on a single chapter to offer any depth. Instead, the disc gathers the career highlights of these former bad boys-turned-rock establishment in a paint-by-numbers fashion: early days at the Crawdaddy Club, "Satisfaction” hitting number one, the 1967 drug busts, Brian Jones’s death, Altamont, Bianca, Jerry, Ron Wood, Keith being busted in Toronto and so on. There’s nothing atrocious about this DVD but also nothing we haven’t seen. (Eagle Media)