ROLEMODEL "Teen Idol" on Exclaim! TV

ROLEMODEL 'Teen Idol' on Exclaim! TV
ROLEMODEL bring '80s new wave music into the 21st century by mixing electronic and shoegaze elements with flair. Initially Jordan Allen's solo project, the response of his 2013 debut full-length, Before Then Was Now, suggested a bright future that was eventually shared with drummer Michael Laing, guitarist Luke Duross and keyboardist Lisa Lorenz. Since then, their growth as songwriters has been captured via their Claire EP, which was released via Toronto label Hand Drawn Dracula.

We invited the Toronto dream-poppers to film a special session for Exclaim! TV, and they performed the laidback track "Teen Idol" in front of a starry backdrop at the Rehearsal Factory in Toronto.

The band immediately introduce their signature twinkling synths, which is enhanced by Allen's soothing vocals, and a life-giving, groovy bass line.

Watch their live session below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Jordan Rapps
Audio by Jordan Allen
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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