'RoboCop' Soundtrack Treated to Vinyl Reissue

'RoboCop' Soundtrack Treated to Vinyl Reissue
Would you buy a vinyl copy of the score to the original RoboCop for a dollar? How about several dollars? Filmscore master Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) and Milan Records are hoping you'll opt for the latter, as they've just announced Basil Poledouris' score to the 1987 action thriller is the latest entry in their "Nicolas Winding Refn Presents" series.

The latest edition of the RoboCop score was remastered at Warner Studios using the original tapes, and the music has been pressed onto two 180-gram pieces of wax. It lands July 14 and comes housed in a gatefold jacket with newly commissioned artwork from Jay Shaw. You can see the cover, featuring a profile shot of the titular man-machine born Alexander James Murphy, up above.

Poledouris' score came after a few other high-profile jobs, including Red Dawn, The Blue Lagoon, and both Conan the Barbarian and its sequel Conan the Destroyer. While director Paul Verhoeven's film centred on the story of a terminally wounded law enforcement being turned into a robotic cop, Poledouris' score features the organic bombast of a full orchestra, as well as a few synthetic flavours.

As a preview, Milan has uploaded an audio stream of the film's strings, brass and timpani-loaded "Drive Montage." If you'd rather blast music through your speakers than blast away an OCP employee, you can give the track a listen down below.

The RoboCop score had previously been delivered on vinyl at the time of the film's release and was treated to a 2010 re-release on CD. You'll find the tracklisting info down below.


1. Main Title

2. Have a Heart

3. O.C.P. Monitors

4. Twirl

5. Van Chase

6. Murphy Dies

7. Robo Lives

8. Drive Montage

9. Helpless Woman

10. Nukem

11. Murphy's Dream

12. Gas Station Blow-Up

13. Murphy Goes Home

14. Clarence Frags Bob

15. Rock Shop

16. Robo Drives to Jones

17. Directive IV

18. Robo & FD 209 Fight

19. Force Shoots Robo

10. Big Is Better

11. Care Package

12. Looking for Me

13. Across the Board/End Credits