The Rizdales Bar and Lounge

For a loving couple, Tara and Tom Dunphy seem awfully good at turning each other out and letting each other down, at least on record. Lucky for us, because these minor tragedies are blissful: retaining the spirited confidence of 1950s country they achieved on their off-the-floor debut, they offer the further adventures of the cheatin' and the cheated-upon. Produced by David Baxter (now a band member) this is a more polished outing than their debut, but doesn't suffer at all in spontaneity. The new songs are better — larger than life, closer, more personal and more quirky. And it’s the fact that they can deliver it all with such confounding ease that makes the album so stunning. Little gems like "You Stood There So Calmly" and "Sundays I Can't Take" seem to drop from their lips and become instant classics before they hit the floor. It definitely isn’t recommended for the newly lovelorn — with all the broken promises and failed vows, it ought to come with an advisory sticker. But it’s a necessary soundtrack for wounded hearts, especially when they find themselves driving past the old house "down the road to another life.” Heartfelt, gorgeous and true. (Willyboy)