The Rizdales Radio Country

The Rizdales are up to their old tricks but sound better than ever on Radio Country. The London, ON-bred band are the brainchild of happily married couple Tara and Tom Dunphy, who pretty much sing about nothing but infidelity, heartbreak, drinking and a host of other subject matter befitting the country canon. Live, the juxtaposition of a couple gazing adoringly at one another as they duet about how dysfunctional their relationship is can be quite interesting to say the least. On Radio Country, the familiar dynamic is at its grittiest, spawning the most successful collection of Rizdales songs released to date. Tom’s nasal twang still fits beautifully with Tara’s bold and classic country voice, which takes the lead on clever, poison-penned songs like "High Heeled Homewrecker” and "One Night Stand.” Instant jukebox classics like "Baby Isn’t Mine” and "I Could Tell You Lies” ensure that Radio Country is a must-have for country music fans. (Independent)