​Rihanna and Drake Apparently "Don't Have a Friendship Right Now"

Here's hoping they work, work, work, work, work things out soon
​Rihanna and Drake Apparently 'Don't Have a Friendship Right Now'
Rihanna and Drake have often teased fans and the media with their will-they-won't-they maybe-not-just-on-camera romance, but according to the RiRi, the pair aren't even really friends right now.
In a new interview with Vogue, Rihanna reflected on her MTV Vanguard Award — and Drake's incredibly awkward profession of love for her during the presentation of said award (to which she responded with a dab and then dodged his kiss).
"The VMAs is such a fan-focused awards show, so having that energy around me, and knowing the people who had received the award in the past, made it feel like a big deal," she said. "Waiting through that speech was probably the most uncomfortable part. I don't like too many compliments; I don't like to be put on blast."
She went on to quash #Aubrih shippers' hopes by admitting that she's not on particularly friendly terms with Drizzy these days.
"We don't have a friendship now," she told Vogue. "But we're not enemies either. It is what it is."
It sounds like a far cry from the glory days of the pair's rumoured romance that culminated with a Ripley's Aquarium-inspired tattoo back in 2016.
Read the full interview with Rihanna here via Vogue.
Revisit the duo's friendlier days by watching the "Work" video (which was filmed in Drake's hometown of Toronto) below.

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