Rich Kidd

Rich Kidd
Toronto, ON native Rich Kidd has been on his "shiiiiiit" for what seems like ages now. Now in its sixth iteration, the We On Some Rich Kidd Shiiiiiit mixtape series has been something of a regular mid-summer expectation, a welcome hip-hop release that typically delivers the musical goods. This year's version is a veritable who's who of who's hot or upcoming in the scene for the moment ― vets like Saukrates and Kardi hold court with the likes of Zaki Ibrahim, JD ERA and Pac Div. This latest mixtape functions as a platform for Kidd to warm-up the crowd before hitting with a full-length salvo of some sort.

What keeps you motivated to keep making music?
I'm glad that I've got a following that loves what I do. My family is down with it, the city of Toronto is definitely down with it, so it's just trying to expand that to a wider range at this point. That's what really keeps me going: the feedback.

The series always acts like a who's who of Toronto. How do you decide what goes on the mixtape?
A lot of these tracks people have already heard and others have got a lot of hits on the Internet blogs. Tracks like Chase N Cashe's "Drug Money," we're trying to shoot a video for that one; we're going to L.A. soon. Raven Sorvino is from L.A., PAC DIV is pretty known in the blog world. I always try to mix things with veterans and up-and-coming dudes that people haven't really heard. That's the most important thing: that people get to hear new artists. They hear them on a Rich Kidd beat because they trust the beat. Someone might hear something and decide to check out more of the artist's stuff and they have a new fan right there.

What's success look like for you?
Success is different for everybody. Some people mark it by money or some by accomplishments. I don't know. Success, for me, is when I can get my family right financially and they can live off this shit.

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