Reuben and the Dark Open Up About Terrifying Trans-Canada Crash

"For bands that tour Canada in the winter, an accident like this is a nightmare constantly in the back of our minds"
Reuben and the Dark Open Up About Terrifying Trans-Canada Crash
Reuben and the Dark are set to play Toronto's Mod Club tomorrow night (November 14) as part of a recent tour behind their Arms of a Dream LP, and for those following the group on social media, the show is indeed going on despite the group rolling both their van and trailer on the Trans-Canada Highway last week.

On Sunday (November 11) the Calgary-bred group posted a photo of their van and trailer overturned in a snowy ditch. In an accompanying caption, they wrote that everyone involved was okay, adding, "for bands that tour Canada in the winter, an accident like this is a nightmare constantly in the back of our minds."

Lead singer Reuben Bullock told CBC News he was in Toronto at the time of the crash, having flown to the city with bandmates Shea Alain and Dino Soares ahead of time. This left bassist Ian Jarvis, guitarist Brock Geiger and Kris Harper of tourmates nêhiyawak to make the drive.

Bullock told the broadcaster that the three were trapped in the van for a few minutes until rescuers could remove the windshield. Geiger and Harper suffered minor injuries, while Jarvis escaped unscathed. All three were taken to hospital in Golden, BC. No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

"We're super lucky that we're not dealing with anything more serious," Bullock said. "Something like this is always in the back of your mind for sure... Now I'm finding out what I really have insurance for. Before you kind of just check a couple of boxes and don't think about it but now it's going to change a lot of things in how I prepare for this.

"Kris tore something in his shoulder, Brock had a pretty good concussion and some pretty serious whiplash. He's kind of waiting on a CT scan still but he's actually flying out for the show, which is pretty crazy. And then Ian, the driver, he's apparently completely fine."

Bullock added that the crash was the cherry on top of a tour that already included the van's transmission failing, a band member missing a gig in Winnipeg, and the tire tread of their new trailer wearing out by the time they reached Victoria.

"It's kind of been one of those tours that really tests everybody," Bullock conceded. "But the audience and the reception and all of the shows every night have been so, so amazing that ... I still look at this whole tour as being the best tour we've been in. But it's definitely been the hardest."

Reuben and the Dark will play Montreal's L'Astral on November 17 following their stop in Toronto. From there, the group will play six gigs in Ireland to round out their 2018. 

Bullock also told CBC News that plans for further touring throughout Ontario and Quebec are in the works for February and March.

UPDATE (11/19, 12:47 p.m. EST): Reuben and the Dark have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help recoup some of their losses due to the crash. They're also giving 50% of proceeds to the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund. See the fundraiser here.

There are a couple different ways to look at a situation like this... we have had one of the best tours of our career. Full of Beauty. Friends. Family. Love. It has also been one of the most difficult. Logistical problems. Vehicle troubles. Car accidents. Stress. Money... We are choosing to look at the bright side. We are grateful for all of the positivity we have felt and are moving through all the negatives with so much support from friends, family and fans. A lot of people have reached out and asked how they can help and we appreciate all of the offers so much but Until this storm settles, it is impossible to really assess damages and loss. We don't want to take any help we don't truly need... so if you would like to help and you live in Toronto or Montreal, just come out to the show and bring love. Tickets are still available and I have a feeling these ones are going to be even more special now. Everyone else, just keep sending love and sharing our music with friends. It doesn't bring back what we've lost, but hopefully insurance will handle that part. Also send healing vibes to @_bgee_ and Kris while they rest some sore bones. 🖤 #thankyou #reubenandthedark #armsofadream @modclubtheatre @livenationon @greenlandprod

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