Reel Big Fish Live At The House of Blues

After a disappointing last few releases, Kung Fu Records gets their "The Show Must Go Off" DVD series back on track with this, the eighth instalment, courtesy of Orange County's ska-punk heroes Reel Big Fish. Playing for almost two hours straight, the band smartly focuses on their earlier material, staying away, at least for the most part, from their disastrous recent endeavours. The tone for the show is set right off the top, as guitarist and lead singer Aaron Barrett stops the very first song at least three times before finally completing it. Moments like this ride a fine line between hilarious and annoyingly self-indulgent, but chances are that if you're a fan of band, you've grown accustomed to this kind of humour. Hopefully you've also grown used to Barrett's singing voice, which, while certainly far from terrible, is obviously failing towards the end of the set. Beyond this factor, however, the performances themselves are fantastic, balancing perfectly the energy of a live performance with the skill to pull off some rather difficult studio-created sounds. The extended version of "S.R.," from the band's major label debut Turn The Radio Off, is nothing short of brilliant, with numerous variations on the song performed to chants of "One… More… Time!" The banter between Barrett and trumpet player Scott Klopfenstein is unique in its humour, showcasing the bands off-beat sense of comedy. Extras on the DVD include a hilarious commentary by Barrett and Klopfenstein. Plus: photo gallery, extra footage, more. (Kung Fu,