Rapper Sued by Carolina Hurricanes Over "Official" Anthem

Rapper Sued by Carolina Hurricanes Over 'Official' Anthem
Raleigh, NC rapper Tyrone Banks is getting sued by NHL hockey team the Carolina Hurricanes, which is accusing the MC of trademark violations for his song "Carolina Hurricanes."

Apparently, Banks was using the team's jerseys on his website, as well as calling it "the official Carolina Hurricanes song." When Banks got some of the ol' cease and desist, he complied and removed the words "official" and "anthem," but the team is still taking him to court. Banks's site has since disappeared from the web.

Where the story gets a bit confusing is that the Hurricanes actually did license the song for a lot of their promotions, including TV, videogame and online promos when Banks made the song for the team in 2007. They even had Banks come to a game and showed his face on the big screen while the song played.

Still, the Hurricanes are not happy. Their lawyer William Traurig told Fox Sports, "We look at our name and our trademarks as our most valuable assets, and they need to be protected."