Police Drop Sexual Misconduct Investigation into Rammstein's Till Lindemann

German prosecutors cited a lack of evidence in the case they opened in June

Photo: Chris Bubinas

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 29, 2023

Police have dropped their investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, The Guardian reports.

German prosecutors opened the investigations in June after a fan, Shelby Lynn, claimed she was drugged at the band's pre-show party in Lithuania in May and "groomed for sex," with Lindemann allegedly reacting angrily when she refused to have sex with him in a below-stage room during intermission. Other women came forward with similar stories of being "recruited" via social media prior to Rammstein concerts, which Lindemann's lawyer called "without exception untrue."

Berlin state prosecution revealed that their proceedings "did not provide any evidence," and they were unable to substantiate the claims because law enforcement allegedly hadn't received direct testimony from the accusers.

They said Lynn's allegations had remained too vague and alleged that she didn't witness anything that would amount to a criminal offence. Police also dropped investigations into Alena Makeeva, a woman who was allegedly involved in selecting women to bring backstage and had been in touch with Lynn before the concert.

"The rapid termination of investigative proceedings by the Berlin state prosecutor's office shows that there is insufficient evidence that our client allegedly committed sexual offences," Lindemann's legal team said in a statement.

When the initial allegations began circulating online, Rammstein also denied them. "We can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment," they wrote across their social media channels. Amid the investigation, two more women made sexual assault allegations against keyboardist Christian Lorenz for incidents dating back to 2006 and 1996, respectively.

The latter also implicated Lindemann and drummer Christoph Schneider, who had previously issued a statement on the allegations against his bandmate — he didn't think there was "anything criminally relevant" in Lynn's case, but admitted that "certain structures have grown that went beyond the limits and values of the other band members."

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