Rae Spoon 'My Prairie Home' (documentary trailer)

Rae Spoon 'My Prairie Home' (documentary trailer)
Rae Spoon's new album, My Prairie Home, doubles as the soundtrack to an upcoming National Film Board documentary of the same name. Now, we've received a new trailer for that film.

A synopsis of the Chelsea McMullan-helmed fick describes it like this: "Neither a concert film nor a conventional biographical doc, this documentary-musical occupies a beautiful space in between. My Prairie Home is as bracingly personal and reflective as the songs of this acclaimed musician, who was born in Alberta and raised in a troubled and deeply religious home."

The trailer includes lots of music and stunning views of the Prairies, in addition to Spoon's thoughts on growing up in an evangelical home while not fitting in with traditional gender roles. Watch it below.

Exclaim! will co-present screenings of the documentary this fall in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and other cities.

For more information on the film, please head here