​PUP Are Sending Their Parents to the Polaris Gala to Get Drunk in Their Place

​PUP Are Sending Their Parents to the Polaris Gala to Get Drunk in Their Place
Photo: Vanessa Heins
It's a big night for Canadian music, as the annual Polaris Music Prize will be handed out at a gala in Toronto this evening (September 19). And while nine out of ten short list nominees will be attending the event, the punks in PUP are stuck on tour over in Europe. Instead of totally missing the event, though, they're sending in some special seat-fillers to kick back, watch the performances and drink in their stead. And who better to take the bandmates' spots than their own parents?
PUP revealed on Twitter that whether they win or lose tonight, they'll be imbibing plenty of reasonably priced red wine on the other side of the Atlantic. Even more hilariously, their parents will be in downtown Toronto, drinking at the gala and taking over the band's social media accounts.

Anyone who won't be in attendance to watch it in the flesh, can follow along with the fun thanks to the alliterative (and sure to be trending soon) hashtag #PUPsParentsAtPolaris.
In related gala news, the official Polaris social media accounts have been teasing some big names that may or may not pop up IRL tonight. A list including Stranger Thing's Finn Wolfhard, Dev Hynes, Amber Tamblyn, Iggy Pop, Boyd Devereaux and Jeff Tweedy was shared on Twitter, with the cryptic caption: "Don't mind us. Just randomly saying some names for no reason at all."

Nothing has been confirmed, but based on their connections to short listers, it seems quite possible that some of those named on Twitter may reappear as presenters at tonight's gala.
Finn Wolfhard appeared in PUP's "Guilt Trip" video a few years back, Amber Tamblyn directed White Lung's Mish Way in her film debutDev Hynes and Carly Rae Jepsen's creative collaborations are no secret, and U.S. Girls recently opened for Iggy Pop on tour.

Delving further into speculative territory, Black Mountain follow retired NHL play Devereaux on Twitter. The athlete founded Elevation Records — a label that released projects by former Black Mountain bassist Matt Camirand's Blood Meridian. Furthermore, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy made his appreciation for nominee Andy Shauf public late last year.

We'll just have to wait and see what the gala organizers are cooking up. Find out for yourself by watching the Polaris Music Prize livestream tonight at 8 p.m. EDT.