Pulling Teeth Vicious Skin

There’s a fine line between trademarked and cliché. While most bands hunt desperately for the good side of that barrier, few ever truly find it. With Vicious Skin however, Pulling Teeth squeak cleanly and not-so quietly in there with 11 tracks and 14 minutes of hardcore that’s more abrasive than having to say you’re sorry. Slipping elements of "Waking The Dead”-era Suicidal Tendencies into their otherwise old school hardcore, flailing guitar solos burn away over double-time beats that the HC guys would call "throwdown” time while the metal dudes clearly know they call for circle pits. Yet the overall aural assault is comparable to super-early D.R.I. and a touch of McRadd around the tempo, delivery and attitude. At times, the band also display obvious influences from crossover and its eventual thrash spin-off. Lyrically, the band are moderately political on some lyrical levels but this is almost overlooked when listening to the ragged beats and aggro delivery. Regardless, Pulling Teeth manage to keep both the liberty-spiked and the greasy longhairs happy with the slightly retro, always raucous Vicious Skin. (Chainsaw Safety)