Pulling Teeth


BY Keith CarmanPublished Apr 12, 2011

What the hell is going on with Pulling Teeth these days? While previous albums were uncompromising shots of directness and venom, for their latest long-player, Baltimore, MD's quintessential metal-influenced hardcore brigade delve even further into their growing appreciation for apocalyptic experimentation, frenzied viciousness and outright oddity. Kicking off with their traditional doses of high-energy and expedience, Funerary is a welcome dose of heaviness. Unfortunately, it then takes a sharp turn into gloomy, almost black metal creepiness offset by sludge metal pacing, elongated tracks (between four and ten minutes) and a whole lot of Crowbar-ish ringing notes under their trademark wailing screams. At that, the album is certainly inspired, featuring no lack of aggression, dynamics, passion or creative riffs. What's seriously missing is a realization that over 45 minutes of modern hardcore devolving into predictable drone eventually renders the affair incredibly boring. It's overkill, pushing the album's second half to the wayside. Carving a fresh path is admirable, but if it careens into oblivion, what's the point?

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