Protest the Hero on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies

Protest the Hero on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies
Protest the Hero's Kezia was their first foray into full-length territory, the LP that launched them down the progressive metal path that they now lead.

But they weren't always at the forefront. An island of their own at the time of its release, the Whitby band caught some flack (and beverages thrown at them on stage) while touring in support slots for the record. We caught up with guitarists Luke Hoskin and Tim MacMillar at a studio, on a small break from the Kezia 10th Anniversary tour, where they're recording a new song for their subscription series, to discuss the album that divided crowds and their career as a whole.

They discussed the lyrical concept behind the story of Kezia, the transition from their punk background and how they pushed themselves in doing so, their first time recording in an actual studio and how they prepared for that, and relearning the songs for this tour and what that taught them about the songwriting involved. They also touched on the fabled writing process for the album, which allegedly involved writing the album and then practicing until they could play it.

Find out the truth behind that and more in the latest episode of Nostalgic Tendencies below, and catch the last couple of dates on the tour, if they're in your area.

Tour dates:

12/02 Barrie, ON – Roxy Theatre
12/03 London, ON – London Music Hall
12/04 Toronto, ON – The Opera House
12/05 Toronto, ON – The Opera House
12/06 Toronto, ON – The Mod Club

Interviewed by Bradley Zorgdrager
Filmed and Edited by Katherine Kwan