Propagandhi "Free John Hinckley"

Propagandhi 'Free John Hinckley'
Devoted Propagandhi fans might remember that the band re-recorded their song "Bullshit Politicians" from 2001's Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes (and renamed it "Free John Hinckley") for an anti-Bush compilation several years back, but never released it thanks to a political disagreement with Fat Wreck Chords. Now, at long last, the track has been released.

The band wrote the following message on their website about the song:

Remember that remake of "Bullshit Politicians" that was supposed to be on the that comp years ago but then wasn't on that comp for some silly reason that no one involved cares about anymore? Well, in honour of the total handing over of the country's keys to corporate interests by Stephen Harper's Conservative Party (I wish they'd conserve something for once), also known as Bill C-38, we dug up said track from the deep within the Propagandhi archives and put it on that thing called "band camp." You can take it for free (I think) or you can buy us a virtual beer and a smoke with a donation while you follow the link in the description to see what's so bad about favouring multinational corporations over the people that actually live here. Who knows? Maybe one or both of us can actually get out from in front of our computers and join those already trying to do something about this dark day. Crazier things have happened.

You can grab the track as a pay-what-you-want download over at Bandcamp and/or stream it below. Hilariously, the band are using that infamous nude painting of Stephen Harper as the album cover. Clearly the guys haven't lost any of their political fire.