We've Edited a Bunch of Canadian Album Covers for Your Seriously Stoned 4/20 Celebrations

BY Calum Slingerland, Sydney Brasil and Alex HudsonPublished Apr 20, 2023

From the celebrated potheads of pre-legalization eras past, to more modern Cannabis Heroes, the influence of cannabis on Canadian culture is undeniable. Just ask Neil Young, whose home-cooked "honey slides" informed the stony wisdom of 1974's On the Beach, or Bif Naked, who remains an advocate for its medical use.

In the spirit of the socially distanced album covers Exclaim! crafted long ago, and to mark the high holiday being celebrated across the nation on this fine April 20, we've edited a selection of Canadian album covers to send you off into whatever 4/20 festivities you may have planned — all of which were conceptualized and created in a state of sobriety, we promise.

To borrow from a Memphis philosopher, "twist it, hit it, light it" and look below to find some Canadian album covers updated to share in the love of the leaf.

Bryan AdamsWaking Up the Neighbours
Edited by Calum Slingerland

Here's hoping you've never "Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven" after rolling up, but the cover of Adams' best-selling LP was ripe for a rip considering it followed a 1987 release called Into the Fire. Besides, there's only one way to lovingly address your favourite bowl: "Hey Honey — I'm Packin' You In!"

Edited by Calum Slingerland

In a five-year span, Toronto's native son went from "Smoking weed under star projectors" to "Cameras pointing every time I look up / That's why I gotta duck behind Chubbs' shoulder just to hit the kush up." If short-term paranoia is what you're feeling, perhaps some clearer Views can be found with a tolerance break.

Edited by Calum Slingerland

Leslie Feist recorded her fourth studio album between Toronto and Big Sur, CA — locations now known for ineffective governance of their respective legal cannabis markets. Knowing how the natural world influenced the songwriting of Metals, we sought to reimagine its mountainous cover, on which the songwriter is shown enjoying the view from high up.

Edited by Calum Slingerland

We'd like to stress the importance of using cannabis responsibly, but this particular edit goes to to anyone who has found themselves at "Help I'm Alive"-level heights with their heart beating like a hammer.

PropagandhiHow to Clean Everything
Edited by Calum Slingerland

The youthful, undeniably punk rock way to meet the offer of a pull from the grotty, resin-caked bong at the undergrad house party is with a "Middle Finger Reponse."

Wolf ParadeApologies to the Queen Mary
Edited by Calum Slingerland

On a day like April 20, you'll find that many are unapologetically in service of Queen Mary-Jane, which is all to say: this bowl's on fire.

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